Thank you so much for tuning in to my Facebook LIVE!  As promised, here are the FREE resources I discussed and some notes to correlate!  Enjoy and please share on social media anything you try and things that work.  We are stronger together.

Writing Ideas

  1. Write a letter to a grandparent – ask parents for stamp/envelope and can be enriched for pen pal!
  2. Thank you letter to a teacher – give when we return to school.
  3. Make your own word search – pick a topic and search around house.
  4. Thankful letter to community member ~
  5. Create your own journal – with activities for the day, make it into a book of your adventure!


  1. Family Book Club / Reading Happy Hour.
  2. March Madness Book Challenge – choose 16 books to read – thanks to Dr. McCormack for the idea!
  3. Storyline Online – totally free-suggested grade levels, run time, and plays outloud to you via youtube.  Included is a teacher guide for each story with activities.
  4. Scholastic: Learn From Home – Day-by-day projects to keep kids reading and thinking.  Choose your grade level and each week they post 5 days worth of activities including watching/reading the story, and creative activities.
  5. ABCYA – common core aligned activities differentiated by grade level. Organized by subject area.  Great holiday activities and strategy reading skills.


  1. Create your own word problem book
  2. Make your own store – find 20 things in your house – making change for a dollar, etc
  3. Flash card practice creation – and make your own game!
  4. Prodigy – totally free, with 5 clicks you can start doing math games that are on your level.  Interactive and engaging.
  5. Math playground – give your brain a workout! The premium site is free during school closure!  Logical and reasoning games.
  6. Math drills – worksheets for fact fluency and practice.


  1. 10 minute walk 3x a day (morning, afternoon, evening)
  2. Lets do a little brain break. We’re gonna do 10’s.
  3. Arm circles (front)
  4. Arm circles (back)
  5. Toe touches
  6. High knees
  7. Jumping jacks
  8. Push ups
  9. Sit ups
  10. Twists
  11. Pencil jumps
  12. 10 second stretch (repeat)
  13. Positive Psychology – Yoga poses and games.

Social Studies

  1. Virtual field trips – and museum tours! – Van Gough, Amsterstam.
  2. Netflix documentaries – nature, history, science, health – love the wild Alaska.
  3. Nat Geo – upcoming holidays, women heros, US presidents.
  4. DK Find Out – google for kids.  Great resource for extended research! Love the history section – learn about kings and queens!


  1. Go on a nature walk and record everything you see.  Then go back and sketch it all out.  Create a poster of your experience
  2. Hour of code – kid coding is the best.  Watching the video first will be very helpful for the kids.  They can code with anna and elsa, build a galaxy, and so many more.
  3. Science bob – allows you to create and view experiements.  *hint – ask your parents to try the “blobs in a bottle experiement : )
  4. Kids Should See This – website of short kid-friendly videos – can sort by technoglogy, nature, animals, etc.

Family Games

  1. Family Olympics/Obstacle Course – for a reward!
  2. Family fashion show with adult clothes
  3. Family Bake Off – PBJ, grilled cheese challenge
  4. Create a fort / indoor or outdoor picnic


St Patty’s Day Crafts – reminder tomorrow is a fun holiday!  How about a green breakfast?  Or a scavenger hunt around the house?  Have your kids create the lucky ending!

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Have a resource that keeps the kids engaged? We’d LOVE to hear from you!