Where are you from?

I am from Havertown, PA! A suburb located just outside of Philly!

oWhere/what are you currently teaching?

I am currently and Kindergarten and First Grade Literacy Teacher at Mann Elementary School in West Philadelphia!

What are 3 words to describe you?

Three words to describe me would be: positive, empathetic, and hardworking.

If you could learn any skill/hobby what would it be?

If I could learn any skill/hobby, I would learn how to surf!

Tell us something that may surprise us about you!

Something that might surprise you about me is that I am a first generation American on my mother’s side of the family!

If you have 30 minutes of free time, what do you do?

If I have 30 minutes of free time, I like to exercise or read a good book!

What is the best place you’ve traveled to?

The best place I have traveled to is Paris, France! I love the architecture!

If you could spend time with anyone who would it be?

If I could spend time with anyone, I would spend time with my family! I can’t choose just one!

What advice do you have for kids struggling in school?

My advice for kids struggling in school is to keep working hard! Do not give up because you will get it! Mistakes and struggles are the ground work for success!

Cameron is an Elementary and Middle School tutor on our team. She is a graduate of West Chester University where she received her Bachelor of Science in Middle Grades Education. Cameron works to integrate real world content into lessons so that students can make personal connections to their learning. She has also been awarded several honors and awards throughout her career for her outstanding work ethic and achievements.



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