Teacher Time To Go’s New Director of Recruitment!

My name is Victoria Hails and I was recently hired as the Director of Recruitment for Teacher Time To Go. As Director of Recruitment, I am assisting in the creation of resources and materials for the tutors, developing training platforms, and handling the social media and marketing for the company. I graduated from Indiana University’s School of Education with a Bachelor of Science Degree in General and Special Education. I am certified in General Education (PreK-4) and Special Education (PreK-8). I spent four years as a Special Education Teacher at Independence Charter School in Center City Philadelphia. I was also the basketball coach and leader of a running club at my school. I was responsible for managing over 35 students at my school, 28 of whom participated in the Broadstreet Run. During my experiences, I provided instruction in the general education classroom as well as in the learning support classroom, where I worked with students from kindergarten to eighth grade. I have taught students who are diagnosed with Autism, Specific Learning Disabilities, Oppositional Defiance Disorder and Other Health Impairment.

All of these experiences have served to foster my interactions with diverse student populations and, at the same time, helped to engage them in a constructive learning process. I am committed to providing respectful and child-engaging lessons so that young students are encouraged to learn and become powerful thinkers with confidence in their innate talents and abilities.

In my new role as Director of Recruitment, I am committed to using the skills I have developed in my many education roles to help connect with tutors and families and in turn, increase student mastery and success. I am so excited to be part of the Teacher Time To Go Team!