• Where are you from?

Originally from southern Maryland, but I now live in South Philadelphia. I am an Eagles fan – Go Birds!

  • Where/what are you currently teaching?

Currently just tutoring math and physics!

  • Do you participate in extra curriculars/club at your school?

Not at school, but I play kickball with some friends in the fall and spring!

  • What are 3 words to describe you?

Fun, enthusiastic, and curious.

  • If you could learn any skill/hobby what would it be?

I’ve always wanted to learn another language but I have never had the chance.

  • Tell us something that may surprise us about you!

Even though my favorite subjects are math and physics, I also love art and music! I have played piano since I was 6 years old, and continue to play whenever I can. Having a balance of art and science in my life is important to me!

  • If you have 30 minutes of free time, what do you do?

I enjoy reading in my free time. Right now I am reading a book about the history of computer science. Who knew computers went back hundreds of years? Also, fun fact, the first computer scientist was a woman named Ada Lovelace who lived during the 1800s.

  • What is the best place you’ve traveled to?

I traveled to Alaska when I was in high school. I spent a lot of time in nature hiking and kayaking. The nature is so beautiful there and I hope I could go back soon.

  • How do you spend your summers?

I like to travel and go to New York City often. I love visiting museums and parks there! I also love the outdoors, so I go backpacking and hiking, as well.

  • If you could spend time with anyone who would it be?

My favorite scientist is Niels Bohr. He not only was essential in the progress of quantum physics, he was also a very kind man. He inspires me because he debated with other physicists often about clashing theories of physics, but he was always kind and respectful. I would love to chat with him about physics and his other areas of interest!

  • What advice do you have for kids struggling in school?

My advice is to stick with it. Everyone who has ever been good at something started by not knowing how to do it at all. Making mistakes is all a part of the learning process, and should be celebrating because it means you have not given up and that you can learn from your mistakes.

Sarah is a Middle and High School tutor on our team. She received her Masters Degree in Secondary Education, specifically mathematics from Liberty University. Sarah has a wide range of experience providing private and group lessons in high school level math, science, reading, and writing. Her goal is to teach students how to break down problems into parts to create a process for solving



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