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Founded under the belief that students succeed in environments where they feel comfortable, Teacher Time To Go is your on-demand service for Individualized Tutoring, Test Prep, Homework Help, Enrichment Services, and Executive Functioning/Organizational Skills for students PreK-12th Grade.  We recognize that all students have unique and specific learning styles and learn best with personalized instruction.

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Teaching the Professionals of tomorrow

Our matchmaking system pairs students with tutors based on the individual needs of each student.  We travel to your home or preferred location and work with your child to develop a routine and schedule that works for your family.

All of our tutors have been trained in the Teacher Time Method; an organized approach to learning.  The Teacher Time Method includes a game plan and goals, the individualized instruction and session summary.  By creating a systematic approach to learning, students are aware of the expectations and hold themselves accountable for their results.

We are now proudly servicing the following counties: Montgomery, Delaware, Bucks and Chester.  We work with students from PreK – 12th  grade, all year around and are available 7 days a week at times that are convenient for your family.

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Growing up, my favorite part of the school day was when I received special attention from the teacher. We would get called to the teacher’s table, learn new things in an exciting way, and suddenly, the material just made sense. It was magical. The concept was referred to as, “Teacher Time.” And I remember it like it was yesterday.  

I’ve always been involved in education.  As a classroom teacher of 10 years, I recognize that school is challenging and can be anxiety provoking.   I wanted to find a way to make the challenge, exciting.  and transform that anxious feeling into confidence. Whether it be 1st grade phonics, middle school math, or 11th grade AP Physics, we are here to help bridge the gap.

I have always been excited for that “aha”. moment.  As a student, as a teacher, and now as business owner,  when it all finally makes sense, when it “clicks”, that’s what I live for.

So here I am, thrilled to embark upon this adventure and determined to make a lasting impact on as many children as possible. Here’s to lifetime of learning to go.


Jennifer Shemtob

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