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Executive Functioning is best understood as the skills we use everyday to learn, work, and manage daily life. Students with EF challenges often struggle with knowing how and where to start which in turn leads to frustration and low confidence. 

Our approach is to understand the unique needs of each student and capitalize on their strengths to put together an individual plan that works for them.  At our first session we establish baseline with a set of student surveys and questioners and this helps us determine which of the executive functions to really prioritize and focus on. We use a 4 step process of teaching explicitly, modeling, allowing for autonomy and reflecting. 

We believe that each child has the internal skill set needed for success, but it is our job at Teacher Time To Go to uncover the specific strategies to help them thrive!

the details 
  • Ages:
    • Individualized Support K-12th
    • Small group workshop sessions available 5th – 8th
    • Small group workshop sessions available 9th – 12th
  • Location: In-person at your home or virtually via your preferred video conferencing method
  • Subjects:
    •  Math
    • Science
    • Social Studies
    • ELA

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I would tell them that there is nothing to worry about! This class has been very low-key and low pressure while also teaching me many useful tips and tricks. I was nervous to participate in this class too but I quickly learned that the curriculum is nothing stressful, it’s very flexible and easy to follow. I got a lot of good out of this class and so can others! Alysa P.

I learned lots of valuable ways to manage my time and be productive in my schoolwork especially through this class. I think that the session where we learned about prioritizing and how our values in our work related to time management was most useful in this aspect for me. Alex P.

As a person who has been diagnosed with Executive Functioning disorder, the one thing I’ve heard throughout my whole life is “Just use your planner, write stuff down, its easy” I can not explain to you how much people saying that did not help me to write things down. These sessions were telling me the same thing, but supporting their statement with a reason and ways to “write stuff down”. Im now writing stuff down after every class and feeling more accomplished by the end of the day. Emma R.