Providing a unique approach to in home tutoring services 

Individualized tutoring

Our goal is to create a personalized approach to making learning more meaningful to our students. We discover creative and engaging ways to present the material. From learning your letters, to solving algebraic equations, our trained tutors are ready to tackle all of your child’s individual needs.


Test Prep

Our objective is to help your child establish a systematic plan to make studying more practical & enjoyable. We identify your child’s test taking strengths and the challenges they encounter, work with them to develop the best action plan and test taking strategies for confidence and success.


Homework help

Our mission is to provide your child the assistance necessary to complete homework, finish projects, and tackle assignments. We explore productive and effective ways to approach the tasks, organize the material and teach your child innovative study skills for their future.

enrichment services

Our goal is provide students with project-based learning as well as material that will keep them engaged as an active participate in their own learning experience

executive functioning

Our mission is to provide students with a framework to support their organization, time management and study skills.  We focus on planning, task initation, flexibility, and self control.

The 5 C’s Approach

At Teacher Time To Go, we take a methodological approach in all we do, not just with the kids, but with each family we meet.  We strive to ensure that each family is comfortable and aware of our approach.  These 5 C’s will help you understand our approach.



Contact us to learn about our program, we will schedule a free consultation based on your schedule.



Our owner will meet you and your family at your preferred tutoring location. We will develop a plan of action to best meet the needs of your child.



Using our expert pairing approach, we will connect you with a tutor based on your child’s specific needs.



Continue with services for as long as necessary! We are your one stop shop for all things learning from PreK-12th grades.



Celebrate the learning success that will occur. We’re happy to work with your family and serve your child’s needs!

Frequently Asked Questions


We want to make the most of your time and feel that coming to you will be beneficial.  While there is a business office (for scheduling, planning, and employee meetings) there is no home location.  The “to go” feature has proven to be popular and accommodating.


We are an on-demand service.  Our tutoring occurs at all times that are convenient for your family.

how do i make an appointment?

For right now, we are still operating in the old school method.  In order to meet the exact needs of our tutors and our  families’ busy schedules, appointments will be made via phone.  You may opt to receive an email reminder, but typically all confirmations are via text.


All of our tutors are full-time classroom teachers, retired teachers, graduate students, or rising educators.  They have all completed successful background checks and child abuse clearances.  Additionally, our tutors have interviewed with the owner and completed demonstration lessons in their field of tutoring. 


Yes – our goal at Teacher Time To Go is to create a sense of trust between our tutors and our families.  Once we have a tutor that is a good fit, this tutor will continue working with the family.  We do know that unexpected situations occur in our personal lives.  In the event that your tutor will have to miss a session, you will certainly have the option to have a replacement for that session.  All tutors have been formally trained by the Teacher Time Method and will use our session summary sheet system to ensure that we don’t miss a beat!

how do i get started?

We offer a free consultation where the owner will meet you (in your home or preferred tutoring location) to introduce herself and our business model, evaluate the program necessary for your child’s needs, and match your child with a tutor based on best fit.

How do I pay? 

All payment go directly through our company electronically.  On Sunday/Monday you will receive an invoice via email from our payment system.  You may use your preferred payment method including Venmo, Paypal, or credit card (cash/check can be arranged as well).  There are no upfront fees or contracts; we are pay as you go.

Who Do I pay?

All payment will go directly to Teacher Time To Go.  Tutors will never ask for money and we do not accept tipping.

Do I need to purchase anything for the sessions?

Included with the  Teacher Time To Go package are all of the materials necessary for the sessions.  Your child with receive a Teacher Time draw string bag equipped with a binder as well as a variety of supplies.  However, if there is a specific subject area you are struggling with, our tutors can offer guidance on specific materials to be used during the sessions and where to purchase them.

What if the tutor is not the right fit for us?

To date, we have a 98% success rate between the match of the family and tutor.  While we do our best to match our tutors and students based on best fit, we know situations arise and sometimes personalities do not mesh.  We will certainly re-evaluate and match you with a new tutor that will be a better fit!  Our #1 priority is that you are fully satisfied and we strive to accomplish that!

I am interested in being a tutor for you!  How do I apply?

Great question!  We are rapidly growing and hiring wonderful tutors based on demand.  You can apply directly through our website under employment opportunities.  We are excited to connect with you!

What is your cancellation policy?

Due to the high demand of our tutors please respect our cancellation policy.  We know that unexpected situations arise,  but we encourage you to call right away if you need to change the day/time of your session. Please let us know 8 hours before hand for no penalty.  If you must cancel less than 8 hours prior to your scheduled session, you will be charged ½ of the session’s fee.